Online Business Formula

Everything you need to launch and have your online business rolling in 8 weeks. Ditch overwhelm and guesswork to follow my blueprint on running an online business.

Right from deciding the idea, choosing the monetization model, creating your products, developing copy, putting in place marketing strategies to implementing systems that almost puts most of your tasks in autopilot so you can have more time to be awesome in what you do.


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Does this Sound Like You?

You’ve seen others successfully mix different models in their business and grow respected brands while working solely as solopreneurs

You believe it’s doable, and even though you have an idea how to go about it, you don’t exactly have clarity on whom you want to serve, and how you’re innately wired to do so.

You’ve tried a number of things in the past, but didn’t push through. Affiliate marketing, creating your own eBook, even Display ads.

You have a great idea for your eBook, launch or mastermind group but impostor syndrome has been stalling your efforts. Sometimes you feel that you are not good enough yet to teach people what you are actually good at.

So you search online for tips, but only return with half-described tips, in bits without a step by step formula that walks you through all the steps of running a homebased business.


You wind up confused. The questions that you really want to be answered are these:

  • How do you decide on the best monetization models for my business idea?
  • How do you know that you are not building a wrong list of subscribers who will never buy from you or be interested in your emails down the road?
  • What marketing strategies are right for your business?
  • How can you automate most of your daily tasks without breaking a bank?
  • How do you validate your product and the market so as to create a product that’s just as right?
  • What lead magnets do you need to create?
  • When and how do you start planning your presales, launches and post-launches?
  • How do you set up email sequences that lead to sales?
  • What can and should you automate in your business?
  • How do you create and sale tripwires so as to start earning early and consistently?
  • How do you build a website that works for you in converting visitors to subscribers and customers?

If only there was an exact roadmap that shows you exactly what to do , how and when.

Hey, there is!


Online Business Formula

Online Business Training Formula is your step by step guide that works you through all the necessary steps of starting and running a profitable virtual business.

Unlike other programs, this course cuts off the fluff and only focuses on deliverables that you need in every facet of your business.

My Story

My name is Mysson, and I’ve been running PennyMatters since 2017. In the world of online business, I’ve tried a number of models, from affiliate marketing, display ads, eBooks, challenges, courses, productized services to planners.

While Display ads flopped, especially since I do not get 100,000 pageviews on my blog, I’ve had success with affiliate marketing, Infoproducts and productized services.

The first ever product I offered was a 30 days challenge, which only earned me $600. I made lots of mistakes in this challenge, from the way I presold and also when it came to actually delivering content.

After re-evaluating my strategies, I decided to stop running the annual challenge for a while, until I had had clarity on what I really wanted the challenge participants to accomplish.

My topic was big. 30 days blogging challenge was a long shot. So Instead, I decided that I would focus the challenge to a much narrower goal such as 30 days to launch or so.

The truth is, there are things that you can figure out only when you are actually running the business.

With this program,

  • You can now create business assets and digital products with no fear of zero sales.
  • You can scale your freelance business
  • You can improve your affiliate marketing strategies

And you can do all that, within this one program.

It’s gonna take time to know what works and what doesn’t. The good news is, you don’t have to spend countless hours scouring Google every time you need to know how to do something in your business.

Even if you’ve taken this course already, you can always go back and refer to the lessons as when necessary.

All the steps you need are systematically laid out in a chronological system in my program, so it’s easy finding out what you need at any time.

Inside Look

This course my friend, is designed to help you cross. I’ve cut all the fluff to only make every lesson snackable.

If other programs tell you to do a customer survey, Online Business Formula shows you how:


Course Content

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Online Business Planning
Sales and Marketing

Every lesson is jam packed with examples and samples that you can model to suit your own business.

This program is for you, whether you are a:


Productized service seller

Affiliate marketer


Printable seller

eBooks creator


eCourses Creator

Other type of online entrepreneur

Imagine This...

  • Helping companies generate more leads and close more sales with your though-out and powerful approach to copywriting (Or anything in the digital content creation industry)
  • Running your own network of virtual assistance services
  • Having your own Printables business that is receiving raving reviews on Etsy or on your own ecommerce store
  • Teaching people your skills through eBooks , online tutoring and online courses
  • Having your own thriving online business
  • Having your own  T-shirt designs and apparel design business that is purely online without you ever handling the merchandise

I’ll stop there, there are 101 ideas that you can manage to come up within an hour of market research online.

So, the question isn’t really about ideas that will help you build a great online business but the will, the commitment and the systems that need to be put in place.

The plan is simple, we explore your options, adopt the right mindset, get things done, put up systems in place, acquire those clients and start rolling.

Join the program and start building your business like a pro. 

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